Question 4


Multiple Choice

You are developing a library to support multiple ASP.NET MVC web applications on a shared server. The library provides implementations of security algorithms. If a problem with any of the security algorithms is discovered, a new version of the library must be created and deployed. Application downtime during the update must be minimized. You need to ensure that the new version of the library will be used by all applications as soon as possible. What should you do?

  • A. Build the web applications and include the security assembly as an embedded resource. When an update is needed, copy the new assembly to the bin directory for the application.
  • B. Sign all assemblies in each application with the same key used to sign the security assembly. When an update is needed, create a new key pair and re-sign all assemblies.
  • C. Build the security assembly as a netmodule in a shared location. Use the assembly linker to merge the netmodule into the assemblies for the application. When an update is needed, update the netmodule in the shared location.
  • D. Install the security assembly in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC). When an update is needed, update the assembly in the GAC.