Question 92

2.5.3 Question

Multiple Choices

You are modifying an ASP.NET MVC web application for a client. The client requires that the application must be viewable on Android devices in a UI format native to the device. What should you do? (Choose all that apply.)

  • A. Run the Install-Package jQuery.Mobile.MVC command using the Package Manager console.
  • B. Create a viewport and use @media queries to make styles that are specific for Android.
  • C. Create corresponding mobile views for the project targeted toward Android.
  • D. Modify the Web.config file in Shared views in the project to add in support for other browsers.


A. Incorrect: Simply installing the jQuery Mobile package does not provide support for Android-specific browsers. It enables the application to use the package.
B. Incorrect: By using @media queries and viewport, you can create an Android-readable website, but it won’t give an Android-specific UI.
C. Correct: Additional views must be created or ported to fit the smaller layout.
D. Incorrect: You do not have to modify the Web.config file.