Question 91

2.5.2 Question

Multiple Choices

You are modifying an existing ASP.NET MVC web application to incorporate mobile access. What should you do to ensure that mobile devices view mobile-only pages? (Choose all that apply.)

  • A. Run the Install-Package jQuery.Mobile.MVC command using the Package Manager console.
  • B. Create a _Layout.Mobile.cshtml master layout page.
  • C. Create additional views with .Mobile, such as Index.Mobile.cshtml.
  • D. Create additional views with .Mobile, such as Index.Mobile.cshtml as well as a _Layout.Mobile.cshtml master layout page.


A. Correct: This installs all the necessary mobile packages.
B. Incorrect: You need the additional views made for mobile calling the master layout.
C. Incorrect: Just the views alone do not work; you need the master layout as well.
D. Correct: All mobile views and mobile master layout ensure that the page will load accordingly.