Question 73

1.6.2 Question

Multiple Choices

You are building an application in which you want to display updated information to a website every 15 minutes. What are efficient ways to manage the update? (Choose all that apply.)

  • A. WebSockets
  • B. HTTP polling with 1-minute intervals
  • C. HTTP long polling
  • D. HTTP polling with 15-minute intervals


A. Correct: WebSockets can be used to pass information between the client and server.
B. Incorrect: HTTP polling can provide the need, but the 1-minute refresh interval would not be efficient.
C. Incorrect: HTTP long polling is not a valid strategy. The typical timeout on a single request is less than 15 minutes, and chaining multiple requests to get the 15-minute timespan is resource intensive.
D. Correct: HTTP polling with 15-minute intervals is a valid way to get the informa­tion within the required time frame.