Question 68

1.4.3 Question

Multiple Choices

As you design a sessionless state management system, what do you need to ensure that your application manages? (Choose all that apply.)

  • A. Access to the state management system, whether it is a database, a web service, or other type of system
  • B. The HTTP headers
  • C. The session setting within the Web.config file
  • D. An identifier used by the server to identify the request


A. Correct: Your application needs to manage whatever information might be re­quired to access the state management system.
B. Incorrect: The HTTP headers are usually not used as part of state management.
C. Incorrect: Because your application is sessionless, there is no need to manage ses­sion in the Web.config file.
D. Correct: Your application needs to manage the passing of the identifier between requests.