Question 66

1.4.1 Question

Multiple Choices

You are designing an ASP.NET MVC 4 application that uses an Oracle database for persistence. What session configuration choices enable you to deploy your application on a web farm? (Choose all that apply.)

  • A. InProc
  • B. SQLServer
  • C. StateServer
  • D. Custom session provider


A. Incorrect: InProc does not support web farms as session items are stored only in the individual server’s memory.
B. Incorrect: SQLServer is not available in the application stack. This means that us­ing the default SQLServer state is not possible.
C. Correct: Using a shared state server across the web farm is an available option. Using a state server designates one server to maintain state for all the servers that connect to it.
D. Correct: A custom session provider enables you to maintain state as necessary by doing the work in your custom code. It is generally used when you try to use a dif­ferent RDBMS system or when you do not want to use the default session database design.