Question 58

1.1.3 Question

Multiple Choices

A significant change has been requested in an application maintained within your company. The application is a classic ASP application that uses custom Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) drivers to connect to a relational data repository on a mainframe computer. The CIO decided that the company needs to replace this 30-year-old sys­tem. The team that worked on the original project is made up of developers who have never worked with an object-oriented approach before.

Which approaches would be the best to use when designing your initial schema in Entity Framework? (Choose all that apply.)

  • A. Create your own custom design because it’s too much work to manage an inexpe­rienced staff.
  • B. Use Code First.
  • C. Use Model First.
  • D. Use Database First.


A. Incorrect: You should incorporate your team into the project as soon as possible.
B. Incorrect: Because the team has no experience with object-oriented program­ming, the Code First approach is unlikely to be the most efficient way to create the new schema.
C. Correct: The use of the Entity Designer as an integral component in the Model First approach will help unfamiliar users to walk through the process.
D. Correct: There is already a working relational database for the application, although it is in a system that will be replaced. A port of the design should be considered.